Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Little about me.... (:

name: Kristina
b-day: 8th of May
grew up in: Siberia
exotic heritage: sibirian native ethnicity / russian / german
languages: Spanish, English, Russian, German, Japanese
hight: 5'8''
measurements: 34-23-35
eyes: blue-green
hair: brown, very long and strong curls (got it straightened)
occupation: model, student, make-up artist
education: Bachelor of Arts
modeling: since I was 14, most of it abroad
favourite quote of movie: You have to drive a car before you buy it (Samantha) ;)
what time is it now: 21:01
favourite mythical creature: unicorn
fav animal: dog
chocolate or vanilla: choc!
dream place to live one day: LA
most beautful city ever been to: St. Petersburg
fav song: I smell sex and candy (Nirvana)
fav fruit: wild berries, figs and mangos
fav nuts: coconut and macadamia
dead celeb would love to marry: Kurt Cobain
alive celeb would love to marry: Ville Valo
fav colour: pastel liliac
fav cusine: russian, mexican, italian, arabic, japanese
childhod tv show: Charmed and Sex and the City
movie: Girl, interrupted
which book are you reading now:
writer: Stieg Larsson
parfum: Bulgari Jasmin Noir, Amethyst Lalic, some of Tom Ford
flower: Jasmin
berries: raspberries and blueberries
starbucks: Chai Latte and reaspberry lemon cheese cake
McDonalds: Royal TS
first thought after waking up in the morning: Sooo happy that I'm alive! Thank you GOD that I'm still here, it was tight a few times...
ever been in love: found the love of my life
clothes: black tshirts and jeans or leggins, but also maxi dresses or feminine clothes
do you type with your finger on the right keys: using a 4 fingers system
cocktail: Bacardi Razz Raspberry Mojito, Aperol & Hugo
food: mushrooms, pizza, chocolate cake with loooot of chocholate, brokkoli-garlic pasta, seafood, chebureki, dranikii (fried grated potatoes russian-style) and everything cooked by grandmother
need to see bevor die: Northern Lights, Maladives and castle ghosts in Ireland
softdrink: tarhun (sweet woodruff soda) and kvas
ice-cream: ben & jerries half baked (!)
pizza: as long as its with cheesy crust
model: Tyra, Naomi, Freja Becha
musik: latin & metal
female singer: shakira
science: quantum physics and philosophy
parents' occupations: doctors (three generation of both sides)
most beautiful women in the world: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Aishwarya Rai, Adriana Lima and Hilary Duff
Specials: 10 tattoos (also done by myself)
15 yeears classic art school (painting)
moved about 19 times

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